Web Site Launch – Comments from around the World

My heartiest congratulations on the occasion of launching the new website for Old Bens. It is no surprise for me knowing you for several decades of dedicated work you have completed on behalf of the Benedictines.

Congratulations Eric!  I have just updated the site to include the event.

Congrats to you Eric for your part in this affair!

Congratulations Eric! You are great for keeping the green flag flying in Vancouver. I must give you every credit for the activities there, and I wonder how you are doing it!

I have forwarded the above to our President and all Committee Members for information and necessary action.

Congratulations on the launch of an excellent website. This is the ideal way to let Benedictines the world over know of your activities and achievements.

I will be circulating your web address to all our members here in Western Australia so that they’ll be up with all the news from your part of the globe.

It is wonderful !.

I spent just a few minutes going through the pages. That is nothing compared to the hard work done by Roshan & you!!

Well Done thanks to Your Leadership!

Logged on to your BC website. Looks very good. Will need to update details of the Sydney Branch as the info there is very old. Will send you something soon.

My congratulations to you on the launch of your website on behalf of the OBA-BC.

The site is fabulous. It takes a genius to set up such a website. I have no doubt of the numerous hours you and Roshan would have spent setting such a site. Having browsed several websites in the `Net`, I am indeed proud that your site is extremely very well set up than most Alumni Associations in Canada and around the world besides College, and is undoubtedly the envy of all Alumni Association in Canada and around the world.

My compliments to you and to Roshan. Please accept my best wishes for the continuance of your site.

Please accept my congratulations on the launching of the OBA – BC website. This is no doubt another notable achievement by you and your members. Great Job. Well done.

I would give an ‘A’ for the web site. Very pleasing colours, just the sufficient amount of information and compact.

Thanks for your previous mails and this informative site.

Congratulations! and Best Wishes! May God Bless you,

Congratulations ERIC an excellent website as always, in all that you do and get done on our behalf.