Old Benedictine’s never die!  They just fade away …..

 Our OBA members who have since passed away are duly honored and fondly remembered 

  “To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die”~Thomas Campbell


Vince Rajaratnam (passed away in 2008)

Vince was a founder member of the OBA – BC. Vince and his wife Florence  participated in the activities organized by the OBA with much enthusiasm despite their age. Vince was an  athlete and gymnast under the maestro George Atkinson at College and spent long years in Brunei as a Teacher before migrating to Canada in the 1990’s.

Vince was a commited member and was always proud of  his alma mater, speaking with nostalgia about his student days. He passed away in Toronto and is sadly missed by his wife Florence, sons and daughter and grand children.


Douglas Jansen (passed away 27th March 2007)

Douglas was founder member who was active in OBA programmes until a protracted illness prevented him from continuing his evident interest in mingling with fellow Benedictines of varying age groups.

Douglas was a reputed Journalist in Ceylon during the era when Benedictines of the calibre of Clarence Fernando and Felix Goonewadene were at the top at Lake House and the Times Group. A suave calm and gentle mannerisms were characteristic of this vintage Ben.


Kingsley Blake (May 5, 1915 – April 10, 2006)

In recognition of his singular contribution and avowed loyalty, the honour of being the first Vice Patron of our OBA was bestowed on Kingsley. The Bens will greatly miss his presence but are consoled by the thought that his benign influence will continue to permeate the activities of the OBA in the years yet to unfold.

During the decade of the OBA’s existence Kingsley was always a source of strength and encouragement to Bens of a younger vintage. He was a regular participant at our functions and his cheerful disposition and banter, mixing freely with all, made us feel quite at home.

Kingsley has run the race with distinction and is now in God’s Heavenly abode the reward for those who have remained faithful during their earthly sojourn. The memories you have left behind will always be ours to treasure of a loving husband, devoted father and an exemplary Benedictine.

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