About Us

The Old Bens resident in greater Vancouver and their spouses assembled for the first time on Septemeber 16, 1995 in Surrey. The meeting was well attended and the enthusiasm evinced by all was laudable. The meeting was presided over by Eric Motha former General Secretary and Vice President of the parent OBU in Colombo who acted as convenor.

The following were elected to office at the inaugural meeting unfurling a new chapter of the SBC OBA in British Columbia.

President : Franz Lorage, Vice President: Kingsley Blake, Secretary: Eric Motha, Treasurer : Aubrey Blake, Committee Member: Vince Rajaratnam, Auditor: Ted Sela

The Benedictines propelled by an enthusiastic surge unanimously decided to organize the Inaugural “Bens Nite” Dinner Dance on June 22, 1996. The Dance was a phenomenal success with a record attendance of 150 guests and the high standard of entertainment and bonhomie received encomiums which continue to linger to the present times.

In the backdrop of our successful debut and in response to several requests the OBA opted to continue organizing the Benedictine rendezvous in succeeding years with finesse. The surplus from the event was siphoned to the College authorities as our contribution towards projects launched by the parent OBU.

The activities of our OBA have been ably steered by successive Presidents assisted by key office bearers and members who serve on the Committee imbued with a sense of dedication and commitment.

Our members are domiciled in British Columbia, Alberta & North Western USA.

The Magnum Opus of our OBA was the inauguration of a Fund in 2003 for the welfare of the elderly Lasallian Brothers in Sri Lanka. The fund has been applauded by the Provincial Visitor,the Brothers community and Benedictines the world over as a fitting gesture to our former mentors who moulded the lives of generations of students.

The OBA held the proud distinction of being the only organization of its kind in Western Canada until the advent of the Trinity College Kandy OBA in 2009.

Our members continue to participate in the activities of the OBA together with their families in the firm bond of Benedictinity and look forward to the future with much optimism working in tandem with OBU branches worldwide.

Our current OBA President, Mr. Eric Motha was nominated as a Vice Patron of the OBU in Colombo at the Centenary AGM  held in  2004 and has continued in that post todate.