Project No. 8 as previously informed will take place on Saturday July 8, 2017 in Eastside Vancouver, commencing around 8.30 am and scheduled to conclude by 12 noon.
We are planning to offer a meal to about 200 persons and will need the services of  our members and families who wish to volunteer for this most laudable project in caring for the less fortunate in our milieu.
Each volunteer will have to prepare approx.5 lbs. of minced beef together with the ingredients(the items/quantities will be notified shortly).
All expenses will be reimbursed from  contributions made by members to this Fund.
Please confirm your willingness to join in this project in the footsteps of Mother Teresa under the banner of “Old Bens” by Friday June 16.
Many thanks. God bless.

Notice – 21st Annual General Meeting

Date: Sunday June 11,2017

Time: 7.00 pm

Venue: ORCHARDS Community Hall
16233-82nd Avenue

(opposite Walnut Road Elementary School)

Contact: 604-782-1669

Please bring the notice of AGM/A/C’s and Report with you for the meeting-thanks.




June 11 – 21st Annual General Meeting/Fellowship

July 08 – “Door is Open” (Mother Teresa) Project #8 (Eastside Vancouver)

July 23 – 5th Annual Bens Invitation Golf Tournament

19th Annual General Meeting
The 19th AGM was held on Sunday and the following elected to office for the fiscal year 2015/16:
Patron: Rev.Bro.Director  St.Benedict’s College Colombo
President: Eric Motha
Vice President: Michael Ramanaden
Secretary: Desmond Anthonypillai
Treasurer: Peter Vethanayagam
Social Secretary: John A Fernando
Committee: Ranjit De Vaz, Eugene Motha, Prabath Pullay & Ajith Seneviratne
Auditor:      Shehan Salgadoe
The meeting was attended by the following:
Desmond Anthonypillai,Ranjit & Chris De Vaz, Rohan De Vaz, John & Sharon Fernando,Betty Livera, Hilary & Amalie Livera, Greg & Melanie Motha, Ligouri & Meritta Motha, Eugene Motha, Eric Motha, Peter & Suzanne Vethanayagam, Prabath Pullay, Ajith & Delrine Seneviratne and Shehan Salgadoe.
 The meeting was followed by fellowship and a sumptuous dinner by Ranjit De Vaz whose lavish  Lankan spread at our inaugural Dinner Dance was a rave and talked of to this day-thank you Ranjit.
The presence of the spouses and children is much appreciated in our concept of the Benedictine family, a global phenomenon from Vancouver to Perth.
19th Annual General Meeting
Sunday June 7,2015  -7.00pm – “Orchards” community hall,16233 -82nd Avenue   Surrey,BC
DINNER DANCE – in celebration of the Sesquicentennial Jubilee of our alma mater & the 20th anniversary of our OBU
Saturday September 26,2015  – Eaglequest Golf Club,Surrey,BC
Please keep the dates free and await more info shortly.
Eric Motha
The 18th AGM of our OBA will be held on Sunday June 15,2014, commencing 7 PM 
Venue: The ORCHARDS Community Hall
16233-82nd Avenue
Surrey  BC
(opposite Walnut Road Elementary School)

Please diarise and attend the meeting/fellowship in the spirit of Benedictinity. We had a great turnout in 2013.
  • OBA Committee Meeting -Friday April 11,2014
  • 18th Annual General Meeting -Sunday June 15,2014

Please diarise and keep the dates free – thanks.


Dear member,
The formal notice, report and audited a/c’s will be mailed shortly.
Please note that your spouse is also invited to join the Bens at the AGM/Fellowship as in the past.
Dr. Lakshman De Soyza , a distinguished Benedictine who resided in Kotahena during his student days will also be present at  the meeting as our special guest.
Please diarise July 28 and grace the event-thanks.
Eric Motha
July 5th, 2013
Due to unavoidable circumstances the Annual General Meeting will now be held on:
Sunday July 28,2013 ,commencing 7 PM
Venue will be notified shortly.
The Notice of AGM,Report and Audited A/C’s will be mailed to all members in compliance with the Constitution.
Please save the date and ensure your presence at the 17th AGM-many thanks for your continued loyalty.
Eric Motha
Jun 18, 2013


From: Eric Motha

Sent: Saturday, March 2, 2013 4:42 PM

Subject: Dance Flyer

Dear fellow Ben,

BENS NITE will take centre stage in May and is being organized as in the past to harness much needed funds for ongoing projects at our alma mater.

Your presence and participation at this bi-ennial event is earnestly solicited. I have met Rev.Bro.Director and several members of the OBU committee in Colombo during my recent visit and witnessed for myself the laudable progress in College and the steadfast unity amongst the Old Bens in their efforts to raise funds.It behoves each one of us to team up with the Bens in Colombo in this effort and Bens Nite would provide the ideal forum for evincing our loyalty to the Lasallian Institution that nurtured us in those yesteryears.

Thank you for your support as we endeavour to contribute our mite in ensuring that St.Benedict’s will continue to hold its place as one of the foremost educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

God bless you.

Eric Motha
Old Bens
Western Canada/USA

Click link to view flyer –> Flyer-2013.pdf


“November Breeze” – November 3rd, 2012 – Dinner Dance organized by the SBC Alumni Association (Canada)



MEMBERSHIP – We welcome the following who were enrolled during the year under review: Vancouver-BC Eliyas Taiyab, Ajith Seneviratne & Gerard Jeyamanoharan –USA – Babu Nattar (San Francisco)) and Randip Lopez (Vancouver-WA).

MEETINGS – The 2 meetings held were hosted by Michael & Sandra Ramanaden and Desmond & Cynthia Anthonypillai – their hospitality is appreciated.

FINANCE – The surplus realised on our Anniversary Nite in May 2011,membership fees and the generous donations of several members in Canada & USA have enhanced our financial position to an appreciable level.

DOOR IS OPEN – Gaston & Shirley Rajakaruna (Calgary) sponsored the monthly meal to the underprivileged in downtown Vancouver under the aegis of the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) from October 2010 to March 2012.We greatly appreciate their generosity in caring for the less fortunate in our social milieu.

A special donation of $286 was made by our OBA towards the Christmas meal project.

The OBA will carry out their next assignment at the downtown location on June 09,2012 and thank our donors for their assistance and the volunteers for their participation.

OBU COLOMBO – Our President was unanimously re-appointed a Vice Patron of the parent OBU in Sri Lanka for the year 2011/12 and continues to be the sole expatriate Old Ben to be conferred this honour.

RETIRED CHRISTIAN BROTHERS FUND – The Fund set up over a decade ago continues to be monitored by the College Development Trust Fund and the current balance is SL Rs1,258,081.  The Committee decided to send a donation of Cdn.$1000 in December 2011 to augment the Fund balance. The total amount handed over to Rev. Bro. Provincial Visitor to date is SL Rs.545,000. Our gesture in initiating this Fund for the welfare of the retired Brothers in Sri Lanka has been lauded by the Brothers community and Old Bens worldwide.

OBA WEBSITE – Our webmaster Roshan Irugalbandara in Edmonton continues to maintain same with a sense of commitment with timely updates. The statistics indicate the website has proved popular with many continuing to access it for latest information re our activities and as an effective link with College & Bens beyond our shores. The visitation statistics for the 1st quarter 2012 were: Jan (303) Feb (282) Mar (187).  Roshan affirms that our OBA website continues to maintain its excellent search engine rankings across all the relevant criteria on the primary search engines like Google. THANK YOU Roshan.

BENS ANNIVERSARY NITE 2011 – The Dance held on May 28, 2011 was well received for the lively entertainment, delicious cuisine and finesse evident throughout the fleeting hours of camaraderie and fellowship.

BENS INVITATION GOLF TOURNAMENT – Plans are being discussed to organize the inaugural invitation golf tournament in August 2012.The feedback has been positive and may well be a prelude to this event surfacing as an annual sports activity cum social with alumni of other schools and well wishers teeing off.

AUDIT – Our thanks to Shehan Salgadoe for his continued services in this realm.

The OBA since its modest beginnings in September 1995 has traversed the journey holding aloft the aims & objectives with an innate pride and manifesting an avowed commitment to their alma mater. The participation of members and their families in our activities and the sustained interest evinced by our members in Calgary, Edmonton, Portland & San Francisco is gratefully acknowledged.


ANNUAL REPORT 2010 -2011

MEMBERSHIP:  We extend a cordial welcome to the following who joined our OBA during the year- Richard De Zoysa (Victoria) Gerard Ruston (Edmonton) Kalinga Rajathamby & Clement Peris (Calgary).

MEETINGS:  The Council and Dance committee meetings were hosted by Desmond & Cynthia Anthonypillai, John & Sharon Fernando and Eugene & Anne Motha.

FINANCE: Membership fees & donations constitute the main segment of revenue which however will be augmented by the envisaged surplus from Bens Anniversary Nite 2011.

MEMBERS NITE: Members and their families relished the bonhomie & camaraderie in the bonds of fellowship reminiscing of their yesteryears at St. Benedict’s College.

DOOR IS OPEN: Old Bens stalwart Gaston & Shirley Rajakaruna (Calgary) have evinced exemplary generosity in sponsoring the project from October 2010 to December 2011.The monthly meal to the less fortunate in our social milieu is carried out by the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) under the aegis of our OBA. The activity of our OBA in carrying out 4 previous projects on a successful note inspired our benefactors.

OBU Colombo: Our OBA President was re-appointed a Vice Patron for 2010/2011 and recipient of the Benefactors award at the Lasallian awards ceremony held at St. Benedict’s College hall on October 16 ‘10 with the Superior General of the De La Salle Brothers from Rome being the Distinquished Guest.

GLOBAL BENEDICTINE TSUNAMI PROJECT: In the backdrop of the beneficiaries having completed their studies Mr.& Mrs. Vijay Tharmarajah kindly consented at the behest of our President to send a special donation to assist in the education of deserving students in the school.

RETIRED CHRISTIAN BROTHERS FUND: Encomiums continue to be received from the Brothers community and Old Bens to all members of our OBA in Canada & USA for their vision in establishing the Fund which has been of immense help to the Brothers in the twilight of their lives having served selflessly in the Lasallian vineyard. A sum of Rs. 445,000 representing accrued interest has been handed over to the Provincial Visitor since 2008.

OBA WEBSITE: Our sincere gratitude to Roshan Irugalbandara for continuing to maintain the site efficiently despite the pressure of work. The site has won accolades for its lively presentation and the availability of Ben news on a continuing basis.

BENS ANNIVERSARY NITE 2011: The Dinner Dance on May 28,’11 was voted a resounding success with an excellent mix of delectable food, pulsating music by DynaMix and ably anchored by our versatile emcee OBA VP Michael Ramanaden.  The finesse and class associated with Bens Nite earned encomiums from our regular patrons and those who made their debut with the Bens – CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DANCE COMMITTEE.

BENS AQUATIC CENTRE: The centre was ceremoniously opened on July 9, 2010 marking another milestone in the saga of worldwide Benedictine fraternity.

We thank all our members & families in Western Canada & Western USA for their unflinching loyalty and upholding the Green & White with innate pride.


Annual General Meeting of St. Benedict’s College OBA – BC Branch
The 15th Annual General Meeting was held on July 09,2011 and the following were re-elected for the fiscal year 2011/2012.Patron: Rev. Bro. Director St.Benedict’s College, Colombo

President: Eric Motha

Vice President: Michael Ramanaden

Secretary: Desmond Anthonypillai

Asst.Secretary (Sports & Social) : John A Fernando

Treasurer: Manoranjan Rasiah

Committee: Ranjit De Vaz,Eugene Motha & Prabath Pullay

Auditor: Shehan Salgadoe

A special”Thank You” to members & spouses who attended the AGM/FELLOWSHIP and helped in the arrangements to make it a pleasant evening in the tradition of the BENS.

Eric Motha

_________________________________________________________________________________15th Annual General Meeting of St. Benedict’s College OBA – BC Branch

Notice is hereby given that the 15th Annual General Meeting of St. Benedict’s College OBA – BC Branch will be held on Saturday, July 9, 2011 commencing 6:45 pm at the Sagewood Amenities Centre, 8638 – 159 St. Surrey BC (On 159 St. between Fraser Hwy & 88th Ave.)

The Agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  • To read notice convening the meeting.
  • To read and confirm minutes of the 14th Annual General Meeting held on June 27, 2010.
  • To receive and adopt the annual report of the Council of Management.
  • To receive the Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2011 and the Auditor’s report thereon.
  • To consider and approve amendments to the Constitution, if any.
  • To elect office-bearers for the ensuing year.
  • To appoint an Honorary Auditor
  • To transact any other business of which due notice has been given to the General Secretary, in writing, 14
  • days prior to the date of the meeting.

NOTE: Section 12(3) of the Constitution reads as follows:
Notice of any motion to be placed before the meeting shall be given at least fourteen days before the meeting. Such notice shall be presented at the General Meeting only on approval of the Council.
Desmond Anthonypillai
Hon. Secretary
June 10, 2011

P.S:  The meeting will be followed by fellowship and dinner.  Adults: $ 7.50
Please confirm with me or Eric Motha by  July 2. Thanks.


REV. BRO. ALEXANDER CYRILLUS FSC, De La Salle Brother, former Director of De Mezenod College, Kandana, St. Anne’s College, Kurunegala, St. Anthony’s College, Wattala, St. Benedict’s College, Kotahena, and the fomer Provincial Visitor (from 1979 to 1981) passed away peacefully. His remains will be at the Provincialate Chapel, 130, De La Salle Street, Colombo 15, from 10 a.m. on Sunday 9th January to 10 a.m. on Monday 10th January, where a Holy Mass will be clebrated at 6 p.m. on Sunday. His mortal remains will be taken to St. Lucia’s Cathedral at 11 a.m. on Monday after funeral mass at 02.30 p.m. at the Cathedral, burial will take place at Madampitiya Cemetery. (The funeral procession will proceed on Bloemendhal Road).

Source: Daily Mirror on-line edition Monday 10th January 2011


Rev. Bro. Alexander passes away

St Benedict’s Old Boys Union announces the passing away of Past Director Rev Bro Alexander Cyrillus FSC, (De La Salle Brother). The St Benedict’s College OBU in a release states:

”Rev Bro Alexander was one of the great Past Directors of St Benedict’s College and under his leadership the College saw many enhancements and expansion of its facilities.

”An educational colossus in his own right, the death of Rev Bro Alexander leaves a void that may never be filled.”

His mortal remains will be taken to St Benedict’s College, Kotahena today, January 10 at 11 am and thereafter will be taken to St Lucia’s Cathedral for service at 2.30 pm.

The funeral procession will leave St Lucia’s Cathedral and proceed along Bloemendhal Road for burial at the Madampitiya cemetery.

Source : on-line edition of the daily news – 10th January 2011


Subject : SBC OBA BC – 14th Annual General Meeting
The 14th Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday June 27, 2010 at the Sagewood Amenities Centre- 8638 -159 th Street, Surrey, BC.

The following members/spouses participated:

Desmond Anthonypillai, Aubrey Blake, Franz & Rosemarie Lorage, Rohan & Fenella De Vaz, Patrick & Betty Livera, Michael Ramanaden, Eugene Motha, John & Sharon Fernando, Shehan Salgadoe, Manoranjan Rasiah, Ligouri Motha, Augustine Morais, Desmond Don Paul and Eric & Pushparanee Motha.

Messages of inability to attend were received from Ranjit De Vaz, Greg Motha, Prabath Pullay, Rodney Robinson & Roshan Irugalbandara (3 members from BC are out of the country at present).

The office-bearers for 2010/11 were elected:

  • Patron Rev.Bro.Director – St.Benedict’s College, Colombo
  • President: Eric Motha
  • Vice President: Michael Ramanaden
  • Secretary: Desmond Anthonypillai
  • Treasurer: Manoranjan Rasiah
  • Asst. Sports/Social Secretary: John A Fernando
  • Committee: Ranjit De Vaz, Eugene Motha, Prabath Pullay, Rohan De Vaz & Augustine Morais
  • Auditor: Shehan Salgadoe

Old Ben John NLC Fernando who was visiting Vancouver was a special guest at the meeting.

The fellowship that followed was buoyant with members reminiscing of their former mentors and classmates

I wish to thank all those who were present for their commitment and togetherness, hallmarks of a viable society.

The OBA will be completing 15 years of existence in September and we look forward to an eventful year ahead with the continued patronage of our members and their families.

Eric Motha
President – OBA West Coast

Vice Patron- OBU Sri Lanka


Subject : Retired Christian Brothers Fund

Dear member/benefactor and friends,

The letter from the Provincial Visitor of the La Salle Brothers in Sri Lanka is a “Thank You’ note to those who contributed generously (including the Ben who  remains Anonymous) and each of you who shared our OBA’s vision of expressing our token of appreciation to the Christian Brothers who moulded us during our student days at St.Benedict’s. It is also appropriate to record our OBA’s appreciation to Messrs. Roy Perera, Anton Perera & Sunimal Salgadoe who held the post of Treasurer and other members of the College Development Fund for handling the monies sent to the DTF in a professional manner ,with regular  financial updates and ensuring the sums allocated were sent to Rev.Bro.Visitor as requested.

Eric Motha

Sunday, September 20

From: DLS Provincialate – Colombo
Subject: Retired Christian Brothers Fund
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009, 1:32 PM

Mr. Eric Motha
President – St. Benedict’s College, OBA – British Columbia, Canada

Dear Mr. Eric Motha,

Subject : Retired Christian Brothers Fund

Greetings and love from Sri Lanka. Thank you very much for your letter dated the 14th August 209. We received it only on 18th September 2009. I appreciate your greetings on my appointment as the Provincial Visitor. Please pray that I may execute my duties to the best of my ability.

We sincerely thank you for inaugurating an Elderly Brothers’ Fund to help our retired Brothers. We appreciate your generosity and good will. During the last few years we received a substantial amount of money from your Fund through S.B.C. Development fund. Recently we got another Rs. 100,000/= Accept our heartfelt thanks for the same.

We Brothers are happy to have a set of Old Bens of your calibre. All the Brothers in Sri Lanka are grateful to your magnanimous gesture.

You are always in our prayers.  May God bless you,

Thanking you.

Your Sincerely

Bro. Denzil Perera.
Provincial Visitor.