Oldest Catholic Schools In Colombo

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Subject: Fw: Oldest Catholic Schools In Colombo

The mother of catholic education in Colombo, remedy the oldest catholic educational Institute in Colombo. St Benedict’s Holds the undisputed position of the trend setter in Catholic education and has contributed immensely towards the establishment and development of other catholic schools.

The College was inaugurated in 1865 by the Benedictine Monks. The school consisted of few classrooms and a small staff at first. In 1868, the De La Salle Brothers took over the administration of the College. Since then the school has been headed by many Brothers who belonged to the La Sallian Community.

Good Shepherd Convent was established over 100 years ago on Colombo’s highest point, like a light set on a towering hill.

It was the Benedictine Italian Archbishop of Colombo, Rt. Rev. Sillani, who initiated the first Catholic Convent, yet it drew upon the efforts of a French Saint Mother Euphrasia to plant the seed which has now become a mighty tree through whose portals thousands of girls have passed through.

On 15th April, 1869, Rev. Sr. Mary Anucita Marandi, Sr. Mary Suzanne Cardiff, Sr. Euphstie Joseph and Sr. Mary Sacred Heart Masi arrived in Sri Lanka consequent to a request made in 1867 by the then Bishop of Colombo, His Lordship Hilarion Sillani to Mother Mary of St. Euphrasia Pelletier (now St. Mary Euphrasia), to set up a school of the Good Shepherd order. The Rev. Sisters had been given a grand welcome which was followed by a Thanksgiving service.

St. Joseph’s College was functioned as a branch school of St. Benedict’s college, Kotahena from the time Brothers took its management fully in October 1905. Principal as well as other teaching Brothers of this school traveled daily from St. Benedict’s college until the residential community of Grandpass commenced in 1925. A Brother had always being the Principal of the school except for a short period in 1990’s.

Started as an English Medium school by the Bishop of Colombo at that time very Rev. Fr. Thamas Cardinal Cooray.

A school under the protection of the Kotahena conference of “St. Vincent de Paul” 1880 The parish priest of St.Lucias Cathedral had managed the School for poor children since 1880.

Bro.Alexander Basil together with the Parish priest Rev. Fr. J. Miliner O.M.I gave much prominence to the study of English and raised.

In 1892, the idea of a Catholic College emerges with the proposal of the Archbishop of Colombo Rt. Rev. Fr. Christophe-Étienne Bonjean.

On 6 January 1892, a pastoral letter was sent to all the priests espousing the desirability of building a Catholic Private College to cater to the Elite in Colombo. In April 1892, St. Joseph’s College was provided the support of other catholic institutions, notably the administration of St. Benedict’s College.

St. Bridget’s Convent, Colombo 07 is a leading Catholic girls school in Colombo. It was founded on February 1, 1902 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd order, making it one of the earliest mission schools of the Roman Catholic Church of Ireland in Ceylon.

On 1 February 1902, at the request of Most Rev. Dr. T. A. Melizan O.M.I, Archbishop of Colombo, St. Bridget’s Convent was established as the second house of the Good Shepherd congregation for the education of young ladies. It was the third school in the Colombo area opened by the nuns.

Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya is a leading Catholic girls school in Bambalapitiya in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was established in 1903, by nuns of the Holy Family Order of Bordeaux.It provides primary and secondary education. The first principal was Rev. Mother Agnes Stouter.

The Eight catholic school and the fourth Girls school established by the church.

De La Salle College, Colombo is the only school in Sri Lanka dedicated to the Patron Saint of Christian Teachers St. John Baptist de la Salle, founder of the congregation of De La Salle Brothers of the Christian Schools in Latin: “Fratres Scholarum Christianarum”

The tenth catholic school and the seventh Boys school established as St. Joseph ‘s College South to cater the growing demand in the area. The Founder Rector was an Old Benedictine Rev. Fr. Nicholas Perera who served for over 20 years.

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