Greetings !

From: St Benedict’s College Colombo

Sent: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 9:07 PM
Subject: Greetings !

To: Old Bens of overseas branches

From: Rev. Bro. Henry Dissanayake, FSC – Director, St. Benedict’s College

Dear loyal Old Bens,

I send you warm greetings from your Alma Mater St. Benedict’s College!

Since January 2016, some of you have visited the College and I was happy to have met you. I have also had email contacts with some of you. I thank you for your spirit of loyalty to the College.

At the meetings of the OBU and the DF It was suggested that I renew contact with the overseas branches. We are proud of our Benedictine fraternity spread all over the world, and especially sticking together through various OBU groups in particular countries.

May I take this opportunity to convey to you our gratitude and appreciation for the support extended to the College in the past years. A special thanks to all those who participated in the 150th anniversary events.

We hope to keep you informed of various developments of the College. I thank you once again wish you all the best in your activities together.

Keep the green and white flag flying!
With best regards and God’s Blessings!

Bro. Henry

Rev. Bro. Director,St. Benedict’s College Colombo-13
Tel : +94 11 2431025 Fax : +94 11 5 333379

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