Door is Open

From: Eric Motha
Sent: Monday, November 2, 2015 1:01 PM
Subject: Door is Open

After the glitter of our Jubilee Dance the focus moved on to feeding the poor and less fortunate in downtown Vancouver.

The” Door is Open” Project 7 took place on Saturday October 31st,2015 with the following coming on board:

Ranjit & Chris De Vaz, Michael Ramanaden, Desmond Anthonypillai, Ligouri & Pradeesh Motha, Shehan Salgadoe and me assembling at the spacious location at Dunlevy Avenue in Vancouver. The wet morning did not deter the spirits and enthusiasm of the participants in their act of cooking the food on site and serving the seemingly endless line up of persons yearning for a meal.

In addition to the above, Rohan De Vaz & John A Fernando who could not join us made their contribution with the food items which went into the common pool.

We were fortunate and blessed to have with us our Bens’ master chef Ranjit De Vaz who teamed up with his wife Chris and the rest of us in this corporal act of mercy.

There was smug satisfaction among all of us on having been able to feed about 160 needy folk who had lined up in the wee hours despite the cold weather. It was a stark reminder of Mother Teresa’s stirring words:
“There is hunger for love and hunger for bread” in a social milieu where unbounded wealth rubs shoulders with abject poverty.

The team that heeded the call of duty resolved to enlist the support of others and embark on our next project with a view to serving a meal to about 250 – 300 of the marginalized.

The attachment carries pics which tell the story of the Bens’ project well commended by the Rev.Sisters who feed the poor at this haven of peace and tranquility.

Our thanks to our members near and far whose donations made it possible for us to continue in the footsteps of Mother Teresa remembering that love of God goes hand in hand with love of our neighbor.

God bless you all.


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