The Book “A LETTER FROM THE HEART” by Old Benedictine Dr. Lakshman De Zoysa

From: Eric Motha
Sent: Monday, April 6, 2015 10:57 PM
Subject: Fw: The Book “A LETTER FROM THE HEART” by Old Benedictine Dr. Lakshman De Zoysa

Dear fellow Bens,

It is my privilege to appraise you of the project launched by Dr.Lakshman De Zoysa a ‘dyed in the wool’ Benedictine with a proven track record in the Medical profession in Sri Lanka,United Kingdom and Canada.

Dr.Lakshman was our Guest of honour at the OBU AGM held in 2013 in Vancouver when he outlined the project and made an earnest appeal for our support in teaming up with Benedictines and well wishers around the globe in ensuring its success.

Please take a few minutes reading through the info/website appended below; in the event of responding kindly denote my name as the contact in deference to the request of Dr.Lakshman for monitoring the progress of the Project.

Thank you.


Heart Aid For You- Heart Aid4u.
This is the website where we are highlighting the main ISSUES-that involves

heart patients in Sri Lanka. ….trying/hoping
to raise funds and awareness (offer proper advice – not subject patients for surgery

just to get money. )
When you access the web site – on clicking the Heart logo box you will see a

video that people might like watching – just to know how hard our hearts work!!
The idea to start this “help project” was initiated by an Italian Lady Ms. Enza Adamo.
Enza has come practically every year to Sri Lanka since 1974 -nearly 34 years!
She has many long standing friends here.

After she initiated this venture to help cardiac patients I too joined and we also had a few
from Canada and England (Mr.Michael Slater) helping out.
Enza celebrated her 80th birthday Last year November in Sri Lanka.

Rack Organization is also helping out. The website is
We were fortunate and rather pleased that Amazon accepted the books for
world wide release as e-books. The following are the links for these books on…

Book titled ………….….
1. A Letter from the Heart

The two booklets on offer are….
2. The Lions Fate
3 Il Destino del Leoneat (Italian book by Enza Adamo)

These books (the novel and the two booklets) as they have been accepted by Amazon
for worldwide sales as e-books — can be down loaded via the internet
to Kindle or similar devices for reading.

In fact you can read on-line a few chapters of the book…..if you access the
Amazon site in your computer.
You can see the photographs on website
on clicking the BOOK section and flipping the pages.

Photographs of places and events referred to in the book are shown here.
That way the reader can have a better idea rather than an imaginary one.

For example places like the West End of London, Charkles Dickens & featival

Maidstone / Strood towns, Chepstow Castle in Wales, Canadian cities Winnipeg, Gimili…etc. have the photographs shown.
Just try it out and see.

If you go to the MUSIC SECTION in the website
you can hear a small clip of the songs on the CD
titled Serendipity ..
That way anyone can get an idea of what the music sounds like.

in the Music CD.
If you recognized the genre of the songs
it is country and western…popular in Nashville USA.

I think this website is interesting in as much those who want to know about the

BOOKS and the music CD has a chance to know what they are getting.


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