Annual General Meeting -Postcript

From: Eric Motha

Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 10:32 AM
Subject: Annual General Meeting -Postcript

Thank you for your presence at the 18th Annual General Meeting held on June 15,2014.

Delrine(Ms.Ajith Seneviratne) Meritta(Ms.Ligouri Motha) and Suzanne(Ms.Peter Vethanayagam)- WELCOME to the Benedictine family teaming up with the spouses of Old Bens already on board.

The camaraderie and family spirit evinced during the fleeting hours portends well for the future as we commence the journey to reaching a modest milestone of 20 years in existence come September 2015 closely trailing Toronto & New York. We did miss some members due to valid reasons but their loyalty has never been in doubt.

In 2015 St.Benedict’s will celebrate 150 glorious years in the educational spectrum of Sri Lanka having inculcated ‘Religio,Mores,Cultura’ in the myriads of students who entered the portals of this great institution under the mantle of the De La Salle Brothers teaching in 80 countries around the globe.

Fr.Peter Pillai(prodigious Peter) set up a world record obtaining Distinctions in all the subjects both at the Junior Cambridge(1918) and Senior Cambridge(1920) Examinations. It was St.Benedict’s that produced this human dynamo whose incredible feat is etched in history and not surpassed .
Fr.Peter Pillai was the first Ceylonese Rector of St.Joseph’s College taking over the reins from the legendary Fr.Le Goc.

A couple of ‘firsts’ in Ceylon by Benedictines:

Sir Thomas De Sampayo -1st Ceylonese Chief Justice

Advocate C M Fernando -1st Ceylonese Crown Counsel

Dr.AWR Joachim- 1st Ceylonese Director of Agriculture

Dr.Cyril Fernando – 1st Ceylonese to win the Gold medal at the London College of Medicine.

Let us unitedly move forward and strive to honour the legacy left behind by these intellectuals.

We Bens remember -our mentors who moulded our lives -the majestic Banyan tree -the one and only George Atkinson(as one Ben now in his 90’s ruefully quipped”Will we ever see another Atkinson?”- the 3 stars of the Silver screen -(late) Vijaya Kumaratunga and Ravindra Randeniya & Robin Fernando still in harness.

It was reminiscing in brief of SBC for the good times.

Thank you all once again for your kind presence and participation at the AGM and fellowship.



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