July Breeze 2014 – Picnic – Social for the Oldie Vintage Bens V4

From: Eric Motha

Subject: July Breeze 2014 – Picnic – Social for the Oldie Vintage Bens V4

Benedictines-young & old !

July Breeze 2014 will unfurl another chapter in the history of the Old Boys’Union in Colombo.

A committee comprising Denzil Perera(Chairman) John NLC Fernando(Convenor) and others are co-ordinating efforts to ensure the success of this ground breaking event to coincide with the Feast Day of St.Benedict(July 11) and will be an annual feature in July.

Franklyn Holsinger(Melbourne) and “yours truly”(Vancouver) are the overseas members of the organizing committee
entrusted with the task of informing ‘oldie’ Old Bens and encouraging them to join the vast numbers expected in July 2014.

Note: Though the Social is intended mainly for those in the 60’s and 70’s groups Bens who are still up and about enjoying their youth without the need for caregivers are invited to join in the Social for Oldie Vintage Bens.

Please peruse the flyer and contact me if you need any further info-thanks.

Eric Motha

To: Eric Motha
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2014 8:57 AM
Subject: July Breeze 2014 – Picnic – Social for the Oldie Vintage Bens V4

V5 for circulation ……………………………..

A Vintage Social for the Oldie Bens

OBJECTIVE of ‘July Breeze’

An annual Forum for the ‘three score plus ten’ old Bens including the old Bens in their 60s supported by their care givers, to renew friendships, in the last lap of their long tenure and association with college. It is not a dinner-dance & fund raiser.

“In a spirit of enthusiastic renewal of old and forgotten friendships. … What we have in mind will also serve to bring about similar feelings and assist all those who have lost their friendships over the past 50 odd years to renew their association all over again and at the same time bring some happiness to all……


Sunday 13July 2014; 10.30am – 15.30pm

Palm Village Hotel, UK, Sri Lanka.


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