Magazine chair – meeting with College Staff

From: Eric Motha

Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 10:47 PM

Subject: Fw: Magazine chair – meeting with College Staff

SBC-150th year Jubilee celebrations.

Dear member,

You will be receiving updates relating to the Jubilee which will mark a milestone in the history of our alma mater.

Andrew Samuel is the Chair of the Magazine committee which comprises Old Bens from UK, USA, Canada,, Australia and Sri Lanka. I accepted the invitation to serve on the committee on behalf of Old Benedictines in Canada and look forward to co-ordinating with my colleagues ably spearheaded by Andrew.

Please peruse the contents of the email and contact me if you need any clarification as we move forward.



Magazine SubCo presentation.pptx

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Andrew Samuel
Cc: Bro Director; Dudley Thamabinayagam; Nimal Perera
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:59 PM

Subject: Magazine chair – meeting with College Staff

Rev. Bro Director invited me to address the College Staff regarding the special magazine we are planning for the 150 anniversary celebration. I met about 70 Staff last morning and presented to them our initial thoughts/structure to the magazine.
I also requested that some Staff member volunteer and be part of the subcommittee. The following names were proposed.
Mr. Ananda Perera
Mr. Titus Withanage
Ms. Marcia
Ms. Shirani Joseph
Mr. Vivian Savaremuttu
Mr. Leonard Hapuarachchi
They will assist us in researching archives/libraries, interviewing living legends (retired teachers), language translations, photography, also writing some (sports related) articles and encouraging students to do some art for the magazine. The art idea came from the charcoal drawing that was used as the dust jacket for the Benedictine Memoirs publication. I think we can give some space for this.  I also think we should encourage students to write stories/articles that we can select for publication.
Sydney, I will be scouting around the Lasallian library and also the College library to see what they have. If I do pick up anything of interest I will photocopy and courier to you at the very earliest.
I have also written to Pat Rodrigo to get our foreign branches to start thinking about their own write ups and photography so that we dont have to get caught up in a time crunch come 2015.
I will do the same with the College Alumni like the OBU, OBSC, Welfare etc and ask them to give me their respective stories to an agreed template. Darrel, I will need your help on this.
There was a recommendation that we request a message from the Holy Father. There will be many messages as you will see in the presentation. Bro. Director will be kindly requested to make the requests for messages from the Vatican, the Bishop’s House in Colombo for a message from His Eminence, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Superior General, and Provincial Director and the education minister. I will request Co-Chair Nimal Perera to obtain a message from His Excellency the President.
Lastly, I’m going about collecting any old photographs relating to College. Some of them will need retouching and restoration which I will do. If any of you do have any pictures please send them to me. I will take special care and return them back to you.

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