Old Benedictine Priest Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Eric Motha
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2014 10:21 AM
Subject: St. Peter’s College welcomed Old Benedictine Priest Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin as the 11th Rector of their hallowed institute yesterday (12th February)
Dear member,
Fr.Trevor is the younger brother of late Johnny Martin,the former Benedictine cricketer and hockey star.
It is relevant to note that the founder Rector of St.Peter’s College was the eminent Benedictine Rev.Fr. D. J. Nicholas Perera.
On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:07 PM, Darrel Ludowyke wrote:
Dear Bens,
St. Peter’s College welcomed Old Benedictine Priest Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin as the 11th Rector of their hallowed institute yesterday (12th February).
The newly appointed Rector Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin arrived with the General Manager of the Catholic Schools, Fr. Ranjith Madurawala just after 8.00 a.m. to be welcomed with garlands by prefects and the erstwhile Rector Fr. Travis Gabriel. There was also the priest community representing the priests at St. Peter’s and other priests from parishes and institutes of the Archdiocese, including the Episcopal Vicar. The tutorial staff, invited staff from Loyola College where he had served for 14 long years and his family members were also at hand to welcome him to St. Peter’s College.
A ceremonial salute was accorded to him by the Air Cadet Wing of St. Peter’s College while oriental dancers led the way to conduct him to the porch at the front. Here he was greeted by a Prefect and presented a pot of flowers which he laid at the foot of the statue of St. Peter and after a brief prayer he returned to the porch where all the priests robed themselves in preparation for Holy Mass that was to follow at the altar erected specially in the foyer of the quadrangle. The quadrangle was overflowing not only with students and teachers from College and Old Peterites but also staff members and students from Loyola College who had come to say farewell to their beloved Rector, Fr. Trevor.
The chief celebrants at the concelebrated Mass were the incoming and outgoing Rectors Frs. Trevor Martin and Travis Gabriel and Fr. Madurawala. In a very meaningful sermon delivered by Fr. Cyril Gamini, he illustrated that the hand of the teacher is one that has to guide, help, nurture, develop and educate the students in his care and said that the need of the hour was to inculcate good values among the present generation. He expressed his confidence that Fr. Trevor was one such teacher who would inspire the students and teachers alike at St. Peter’s College.
The official handing over and taking over took place thereafter with Fr. Ranjith Madurawala, General Manager of the Catholic Schools signing the “Log Book” of St. Peter’s  College followed by Fr. Travis Gabriel relinquishing duties and Fr. Trevor Martin assuming duties as Rector, also placing their signatures. The Peterite Air Cadets then presented the College flag to the outgoing Rector who in turn presented in to Fr. Trevor. It was then Fr. Vincent Ashley’s turn as the newly appointed Vice Rector of St. Peter’s to hand of the Keys of St. Peter’s College in reality and metaphorically to the new Rector.
After Fr. Ranjith Madurawala’s address which followed the handing over of the keys, the newly appointed Rector of St. Peter’s, Fr. Trevor Martin addressed the gathering. His opening remarks were to thank God for the blessings he had received and said that all priests are expected to bloom wherever they were planted and that he too would do so as would Fr. Travis when he goes to St. Joseph’s. He added that he had a plan for St. Peter’s College and spoke at length on education, motivation, quality of the outgoing student and the need for preparation for such a quality student from grade 1 and the need for inculcation of discipline and values, all of which he said he aimed to achieve making St. Peter’s the best school in the island in the process, with the help from staff and Old Boys and other associations connected with the College.
On behalf of the entire Benedictine fraternity, we wish Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin, good luck and may the almighty God bless him with good health, joy and happiness and also give him strength, courage and guidance in his future endeavor in serving in the vineyard of the lord almighty.

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