Nursing Home for Elderly Retired Brothers

From: Eric Motha

Sent: Thursday, March 7, 2013 10:57 AM

Subject: Nursing Home for Elderly Retired Brothers

Dear member,

The photos relay the visit to De La Salle Mutwal where Luke De Silva(Past President OBU New York) Gamini Kannangara(Vice Patron-OBU Colombo) and I met Rev.Bro.Denzil Perera(Provincial Visitor) and Bro.Granville Perera(former Director St.Benedict’s).

Luke De Silva handed over a donation from Old Bens NY towards the project. The Old Bens in Western Canada/USA donated a sum of Rs.100,000/= in December towards the Elderly Brothers Fund which was inaugurated by us in December 2000 and has earned the praise of the Brothers community and Old Bens world-wide as fulfilling a long felt need.

The donations made by our members towards the project in the past and in 2013 is gratefully acknowledged. If you wish to make a donation please feel free to send me your chq. in favour of” St.Benedict’s College OBA-BC “.

The three Brothers who are presently cared for at the Elderly Brothers Nursing Home in Mutwal are Bros.Philip,Camillus De Silva& Aresaculartne.
Phase 1 of the project was complered end February and an appeal has been sent out by Bro.Visitor to all OBA’s for their help in this regard.

Eric Motha

(Note: click on photos to enlarge)


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