Data for the SBC OBU Annual Report

Update provided for inclusion in the Annual Report of the ST.BENEDICT’S COLLEGE OBU Colombo – to be tabled at the AGM to be held on 24th June 2012


The current office bearers of the OBA are:
President: Eric Motha, Vice President: Michael Ramanaden, Secretary: Desmond Anthonypillai, Treasurer: Manoranjan Rasiah,
Committee: Ranjit De Vaz, Eugene Motha, John A. Fernando & Prabath Pullay
Auditor: Shehan Salgadoe

The OBA continues to be active with an increase in membership since our last AGM in 2011. The committee are planning to organize a Curry Nite in May and a Bens Invitational Golf Tournament in September 2012.

The members have been kept informed of all activities in Colombo thanks to the effective liaison between our OBA and the parent OBU. We actively foster an ongoing relationship with OBA’s around the globe in the bonds of Benedictinity.

We have sent a donation of C$1000 to augment the Retired Christian Brothers Fund,the Magnum Opus of the Bens in Western Canada/Western USA.

Our website, an effective link to Bens, is under the efficient purview of our Webmaster Roshan Irugalbandara. The site continues to maintain its excellent search engine rankings across all the relevant search criteria on the primary search engines like Google.

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