From: Eric Motha
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 8:13 PM

The 15th Anniversary Dinner Dance took place at the Bollywood Banquet Hall & Convention Centre,Surrey on May 28,2011.Our thanks go out to our members and guests who graced the occasion to mark an important milestone in the annals of our OBA. Old Ben Gaston & Shirley Rajakaruna arrived from Calgary and embellished the gathering with their presence-we appreciate your commitment to “doing the duty that is to do” in the words of the College anthem.

The Dance was well patronised with all communities of the Lankan diaspora being represented affording credibility to the stature of the Bens in Western Canada/USA.Music for dancing was provided by the popular Band “DynaMix” who kept the revellers on the floor throughout the fleeting hours with a fine mix of oldies and current favourites.The floor was packed to capacity and the Baila sessions were well handled by the DJ.

The spirit that pervaded at Anniversary Nite was commendable with fellowship and camaraderie amongst the guests much in evidence. The dinner buffet received encomiums for its quality and variety leaving no quarters for dissent and there was also a steady stream of patrons at the well stocked bar .

In summing up a memorable Anniversary Nite the popular consensus was that the Dance was well organized and maintained the finesse that is associated with “BENS NITE” since its triumphant debut in June 1996.

An Old Peterite a regular guest since 2000 summed up the Anniversary Nite succintly in congratulating the Bens on a high profile performance which others could well emulate.

The energetic committee deserve kudos for a task well accomplished and members and guests for coming ‘on board’ to fittingly celebrate the occasion which will now be etched in the annals of our OBA an integral segment of the universal Bens mosaic.



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