From: Eric Motha
Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011, 10:43 AM

It is with immense personal sadness that I inform you of the sudden demise of Dr.Nalin Swaris over the week-end in China during a visit with a group from Sri Lanka.

Patrick Livera,J.D.Bosco(Portland) and ‘yours truly” were schoolmates of late Dr.Nalin at SBC during the 50’s when the Englishman FA Cup Soccerite Rev.Bro.Austin Anthony was our revered Director.

Dr.Nalin was ordained a Redemptorist Priest on November 17,1962 at Mt.St.Alphonsus,Bangalore,India and served in SL for some years prior to leaving the Ministry. The homily delivered by Fr.Nalin at the Centenary Mass of our alma mater (1965) at the Cathedral will still be vividly etched in the memory of Benedictines who were privileged to attend. It was a tribute to his brilliance as a silver tongued orator who stirred the emotions of the students,teachers and De La Salle Brothers with his eloquence beyond compere.

Nalin pursued a commendable career at SBC excelling in studies and sports and answered God’s call in the mid 50’s to join the Redemptorists universally acclaimed as renowned preachers of high calibre.He left for Holland, after leaving the Priestly Ministry in SL and obtained the Ph.D in Buddhism(Honoris Causa) and served on the academic staff of the Netherlands University for several years before opting to return to his motherland.

Dr.Nalin leaves behind his two older brothers Lakshman and Ranjit(former SBC teacher) who are domiciled in USA. I have been in touch with Lakshman since I received the sad news.

The mortal remains of Dr.Nalin will be flown to SL from China for the funeral rites.

Requiescat in pace.

Eric Motha

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