From: Eric Motha <>
Subject: Obituary
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011, 3:12 PM

Dear members,The funeral of . Evelyn Dulcie, beloved wife of Old Ben stalwart Mr. Fred Rodrigo-Sathianathen took place on March 10,2011 after the Memorial Mass at St.Peter’s Church, 258 Clayton Road, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

The late Mrs. Sathianathen was the much loved mother of Old Bens Ashley,Conrad(our OBA member (USA) and Prince.

I am mailing a Perpetual Mass Book on behalf of the Old Bens in Western Canada/USA to Mr.Fred Rodrigo-Sathianathen as a token of our deepest symapathy to him, sons & family members.

Conrad is a founder member of our OBA and a dedicated Ben supporting our appeals generously though afar.

May God grant eternal repose to the soul of the dear departed.

Eric Motha

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