Mother Teresa – Sharing the spirit of Christmas with the less fortunate

From: Eric Motha <>
Subject: Mother Teresa – Sharing the spirit of Christmas with the less fortunate
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 10:34 AM 

I have been informed by Old Ben Hilary Livera that the Rev. Sisters under the guidance of the Superior Rev.Sr.M Damascene M.C will distribute items of food and clothing to the less privileged in our social milieu on Saturday December 18,2010 at the ‘Door is Open’ location in downtown Vancouver, in accordance with the spirit of sharing during Christmas. 

If any member is desirous of donating items in the above category you may please contact Sr.Damascene at 604-322-6840 or drop them off at : Missionaries of Charity -2475 E.48 Avenue Vancouver on or before December 17,2010. You may inform the Superior well in time if you wish to assist as a volunteer in the distribution programme scheduled for Dec 18.

Our OBA stalwart in Calgary Gaston & Shirley Rajakaruna are sponsors of a monthly programme for the poor under the aegis of the Missionaries of Charity which commenced in October ’10 and will run through until December ’11.

Eric Motha

p.s. Here is more on the pledge by Gaston & Shirley Rajakaruna ………

It was 11 .00 pm on a day in early October 2010 when I picked up the telephone with a sense of trepidation to answer an incoming call.

The caller was fellow Benedictine Gaston Rajakaruna from Calgary; he conveyed  his personal commendation of the “Door is Open” projects undertaken by the Bens in Vancouver on behalf of the West Coast OBA  for the less privileged in tandem with the Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa.

Gaston & his wife Shirley had decided to sponsor  the project of  feeding the poor  specifically on the 16th of each month commencng October and to run through until December 31,2011.The couple expressed their desire to channel the funding through the OBA and requested me to liaise with the Mother Superior in this regard.

In order to accede to their wish for the project to take off  the ground the requisite finance sent in by Gaston was forwarded to Sr.Superior and October 16th marked the commencement of their tryst with”Door is Open”. Gaston & Shilrey had requested the Rev.Sisters to pray for their intentions on the 16th of every month which was agreed in the spirit of  mutual acceptance.

I am pleased to mention that the zeal of the Bens in Vancouver in participating in the “Door is Open” projects for the poor and less fortunate had sparked a flame of  love and compassion in the Rajakaruna family.

“There is hunger for ordinary bread and there is hunger for love,for kindness, for thoughtfulness and this is the great poverty  that  makes people suffer so much ” – Mother Teresa


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