Death of Old Ben John Anthony Fernandopulle (Johnny)

Dear Old Bens,

We are saddened by the demise of yet another Benedictine stalwart in JA(Johnny) Fernandopulle at the end of a long and useful life on earth.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of working closely with late Johnny as office bearers of the parent OBU in Kotahena ,decades ago. I always found him to be a simpleton despite his professional achievments. I admired his zeal and commitment to the OBU functioning as the Treasurer in an era much different to present days. In addition, I also recall Johnny being elected to the post of Treasurer of the Lasallian Federation in the 70’s during the tenure of the Old Bens , in rotation with the other Lasallian schools on an annual basis. He certainly rose to the call of duty sans any fanfare.

My last meeting of Johnny was at St.Philip Neri’s Church, Pettah, a few years ago, when I witnessed him being escorted to the seats by his family on New Years Day.

May the turf lie lightly over this genial Benedictine.

Eric Motha

President -West Coast Bens

Vice Patron – SBC OBU, Colombo

One thought on “Death of Old Ben John Anthony Fernandopulle (Johnny)

  1. Dear Eric,
    I am glad to see that one of the old boys and a lad from kotahena remembered my dad eventhough the current benedictines did not have the record and the achievements which my dad’s devotion to his college.
    It is very sad to say BUT this is the college at today’s state. I am greatful and salute you for the thoughts. Keep up the good work and let’s all recognise the pioneer OLD BOYS for all the sacrifices which they had gone thru the old days.
    Thank you once again and hope we could meet up someday when you visit sri lanka.
    God Bless You,

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