SBC OBA BC -14th Annual General Meeting

From: Eric Motha <>
Subject: OBA -14th Annual General Meeting
Date: Monday, June 28, 2010, 7:53 PM

The 14th Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday June 27,2010 at the Sagewood Amenities Centre- 8638 -159 th Street,Surrey,BC.

The following members/spouses participated:

Desmond Anthonypillai, Aubrey Blake, Franz & Rosemarie Lorage, Rohan & Fenella De Vaz, Patrick & Betty Livera, Michael Ramanaden, Eugene Motha, John & Sharon Fernando, Shehan Salgadoe, Manoranjan Rasiah, Ligouri Motha, Augustine Morais, Desmond Don Paul and Eric & Pushparanee Motha.

Messages of inability to attend were received from Ranjit De Vaz, Greg Motha, Prabath Pullay, Rodney Robinson & Roshan Irugalbandara.

3 members from BC are out of the country at present.

The effective interaction & dialogue that prevailed was credible evidence of the cordiality that exists amongst the members who attended the premier Educational Institute of the De La Salle Brothers and enjoyed a sense of serenity under the landmark Banyan tree during their student days.

The office-bearers of the OBA for 2010/11:

Patron Rev.Bro.Director – St.Benedict’s College, Colombo

  • President: Eric Motha
  • Vice President: Michael Ramanaden
  • Secretary: Desmond Anthonypillai
  • Treasurer: Manoranjan Rasiah
  • Asst. Sports/Social Secretary: John A Fernando
  • Committee: Ranjit De Vaz, Eugene Motha, Prabath Pullay, Rohan De Vaz & Augustine Morais
  • Auditor: Shehan Salgadoe

Old Ben John NLC Fernando who was visiting Vancouver was a special guest at the meeting.

The fellowship that followed was buoyant with members reminiscing of their former mentors and classmates

I wish to thank all those who were present for their commitment and togetherness, hallmarks of a viable society.

A special “Thank You” to Eugene, Desmond, Betty & Pushparanee for arrangements at the hall, dinner and dessert which was relished by all.

The OBA will be completing 15 years of existence in September and we look forward to an eventful year ahead with the continued patronage of our members and their families.

Eric Motha
President – OBA West Coast
Vice Patron- OBU Sri Lanka.

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